Our Operations


Our cow/calf operation is composed of several hundred black angus mother cows and registered AI pure pred black angus bulls. Our herd summers in the Red Desert of Southwest Wyoming on over 60,000 acres among State, BLM & private lands from May to December. We gather and haul our cows to our home place in December and start feeding alfalfa/grass mixture from our hay crop in January. We ween our calves towards the end of December and haul our cows to Riverton Livestock Auction the third week of January each year. Our calves our weened a month prior to sale to ensure the compensate for any weening weight loss. Mother cows begin calving approximately March 15. Our large branding occurs around the second week in May with a late branding in June for any later arriving calves. We brand with a chute and alley way and average 2 minutes per calf. Bull calves are banded instead of knife cut and all calves are given their first of two rounds of shots. Then mid to late May, we haul semi-loads of our cow/calf pairs back to the Red Desert for open grazing. We artificially inseminate all of our replacement heifers with low birth weight bulls. We purchase pure bred registered bulls and breed some of our own bulls to maintain consistent genetics and a quality herd. With experience and research, we have combined genetics and low-birth weight bulls to achieve light-weight, easy birthing calves without compromising our ability to produce heavy, sound calves in the Fall. Our cattle run in areas upwards of 7000ft elevation. We depend on Pap scoring and other available statistics to assist us in growing our operations, but also take into consideration appearance, health and demeaner in our decisions. We take into account all informational available to us and don’t cut corners when it comes to our cattle.