Welcome to Eaton Livetock

Welcome to Eaton Livetock

Welcome to Eaton LivetockWelcome to Eaton LivetockWelcome to Eaton Livetock


 We are a locally operated, family owned cow/calf operation in Southwest Wyoming. We run a primarily Blank Angus bred herd with all pure bred Black Angus bulls. We strive to manage a friendly herd and maintain it by keeping replacement heifers so our herd stays consistent and manageable over time. Our heifers raise heavy calves and have high breed back rates. We replace out our bottom 10% of cows each year to maintain a solid running age herd. We are very proud of our ranch and enjoy this lifestyle. Raising cattle is our passion, not our job. We focus efforts on making our operations efficient for us to manage without limiting our productivity and the quality of our herd.      -Dustin & Jill Eaton, Eaton Livestock




 Our cow/calf operation is composed of several hundred black angus mother cows and registered AI pure pred black angus bulls.  



 We farm and irrigate over 500 private acres each year of a grass/alfalfa mix except when preparing field for a fresh cycle, we will usually use a peas/grain mix.  



 Our cattle, although tracking and counting is never an exact science, are treated very well. We feed 30 lbs. per cow per day when we are feeding hay.  




Our cattle graze over 16 square miles of the Red Desert from May until December and are pastured locally in Farson, WY from December to January until we begin feeding for the winter. 



 We study genetics thoroughly and purchase preferred breeds for our bulls or semen for artificial insemination (AI).  



 As you can probably imagine, maintaining operational farming and ranching equipment can be a chore in itself. 


Wyoming Roots


Ranching is easy, Said no man ever! Ranching is a passion you are born with and some will go their entire lives and may never experience the un-explainable satisfaction that it provides. It takes work ethic and dedication, but anyone who has tried it knows, you don’t do it for the paycheck.  Dustin began his cow/calf operation efforts with 50 head of black angus cows in 1998. Striving to grow and perfect his operations, we later married in 2008 and continued together to plan the future of our ranch . We both work full time jobs so we can invest every spare dollar into our ranch whether it be for farmland, more cows or equipment.  

Family Operation


Now over ten years later, we have two amazing children and a lot more cows. I immediately inherited and adopted Dustin’s passion for ranching. Farson, Wyoming is home to our family, herd and farmland. Cold winters, wind storms, high elevations and desert will not stop us from living our dream. 

Ranchers For Life


 We are a family owned, local operation with a love for cattle. Our goal is to run a productive and efficient operation. We take pride in our ranch from supplements, equipment, feed and environment. We don’t play cattle like the stock market, this is our journey; we are here to stay.


Healthy & Hearty

Our goal is to form a successful relationships with a cattle buyer that allows our freshly raised beef go directly to your dinner table.  Our operations are analyzed regularly to maintain a healthy, solid, sound & low maintenance herd. From statistics and genetics to quality feeds and appearance, our cattle are raised with future intentions of being processed for prime choice-cut meat. We do not use hormones. We choose our feed and supplements carefully to ensure our calves are raised in a nutritious environment before heading to feedlots.   

Buy Quality over Quantity

Come visit our ranch or reach out to us to learn more information about our operations.

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We enjoy showing off our herd. Let us know if you would like to come visit in person, request videos or find out when our calf crop will be available. 

Eaton Livestock, LLC.

3800 N US Highway 191 Farson, WY 82932

(307) 354-6797