Our cattle graze over 16 square miles of the Red Desert from May until December.


They are pastured locally in Farson, WY from December to January until we begin feeding for the winter.  


Our herd runs at elevations between 6,500 to 8,900 elevation in a hot desert in the summer months and treck through inches of snow during harsh winter climates. We raise and breed hearty and healthy cattle who would not survive if they were not fit for our area.  


We gather and move our cattle primarily on horseback, but do not hesitate to use dirt bikes when needed or for large gathers. Our herd is not flighty around a dirt bike or 4-wheelers. 


Reservoirs and springs are far and few between in the desert and sometimes dry up with too much wildlife. To preserve riparian areas and springs from drying up and getting abused, we have installed over 7 solar well setups provide water, so the cattle do not have to travel more than 4 miles to get to new water and find fresh feed. This also benefits other wildlife like sage grouse, wild horses, elk, deer & antelope to name a few.