We farm and irrigate over 500 private acres each year of a grass/alfalfa mix except when preparing field for a fresh cycle, we will usually use a peas/grain mix. All of our fields are irrigated with a center pivot that is specifically programmed to put the perfect amount of water on fields for best crop output. Center pivot irrigation can be precisely programmed to put down the most ideal amount of water for crops and also reduce salinity build up in soils which can affect soil quality and also be transferred to nearby streams or other reservoirs. Irrigation water comes from a nearby reservoir that is usually available in Mid-May until our first hard freeze, typically in September or even late August. We have a very short growing season compared to other areas due to our extreme temperatures, but we can usually get two cuttings in. We do believe in fertilizing our fields to improve crop quality especially due to our short growing season.

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We farm and irrigate over 500 private acres each year. Our water turns on around May 15th and is typically shut off by September 15th.