Cattle Care


Our cattle, although tracking and counting is never an exact science, are treated very well. We feed 30 lbs. per cow per day when we are feeding hay. Typically grass/alfalfa mix rotated with peas and oats during farming seasons. We vaccinate 2 times per year to prevent illness and disease.

We have a rotational pasture system that allows on -and-off grazing to give pasture recovery time and prevent overcrowding and improves forage utilization. We utilize local grazing fields and open-range grazing, keeping bulls, replacement heifers, first calf heifers all separated from three-year old cows and beyond. To prevent bloating, we keep the amount of alfalfa and legumes to grass proportioned. We also perform weed control and provide salt and other supplements to provide a nutritional balance. Occasionally a mother cow may have twins or pass during birth, so we also raise a handful of dairy cows to assist on feeding baby calves who were not mothered.