As I have mentioned more than once, we take really good care of our cattle. However, like humans, eating healthy, loading up on water and exercising regularly is good for the mind and body, but it only makes up a portion of who you are. Of course, we don’t usually send our hubby’s through intense testing and Bloodwork before they breed us, but we can do that with bulls. We study genetics thoroughly and purchase preferred breeds for our bulls or semen for artificial insemination (AI). Some of these genetics are characterize by statistics and testing like Bull Pap Scores (high altitude heart testing) and birth-weights, but we also credit our breeding herd by physical appearance. We have a build and look we prefer to see in our herd (much like our hubby) and maintain this by keeping replacement heifers that show these characteristics and are bred by our individually hand-picked bulls. By matching the hereditary traits, we are looking for with the appearance, we feel we maintain superior black angus herd. Although, I can’t say a neighbor’s bull did not ever hop in and help us out with a bright-eyed long horned Red Cow, named Lucy, but we do have goals. What kind of ranch would you be if you did not have one pet. We do typically AI our replacement heifers each year to assist with low birth weights for first calf heifers which reduces the amount of calves we have to manually assist.